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  • Recycling Clothes, Vehicle, Tyres
    Parts & Electronics
  • Commodities Precious Minerals
  • Accomodation Real Estate
    & Accommodation

About Us

Joras Trading Pty Ltd

Joras Trading was founded by John Banderas and first established in South Africa in 2009, the nature med adviceof the business is General Trading in various types of jobitel.com goods and Real Estate Management and Student Accommodation. In 2012 Joras launched its offering to include Commodities. Thereafter Joras Trading expanded its global footprint and diversified its offerings and in 2017 launched Joras Recycling in which we offer a recycling service and assortment of goods at our warehouses.


We have a diverse range of product & service offering.

Recycling of Clothing

Recycling of Parts and Tyres

Used Electronics


Joras Trading Pty Ltd

We are a reputable organisation and ehttps://xjobs.org nsure customer satisfaction to the highest level. We are committed to uplifting the communities in which we operate by creating job opportunities, and opportunities to earn an income through our recycling platform.

Tyres Recycled
Clothes Recycled
Electronic Goods Recycled
Spare Parts Recycled
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